Behind The Decks: Skepsis

Behind The Decks: Skepsis | Foreverland

By Laura Hill

With a relentless influx of high calibre artists, here at Foreverland we felt it was only right to let you get to know them that little bit better. Welcoming nothing but the crème of both notorious and upcoming musical talent, we’ve seen sets from the likes of grime, garage and bass champions Cause and Affect, Chris Lorenzo, Flava D and Ms. Dynamite.

Amongst this eclectic mix of artists is London based producer and DJ Skepsis, who is fast emerging as one of the UK’s most reputable new bass bandits. With tracks that carefully infuse wobbly basslines with hard grime vocals, as well as huge support from 3000 Bass Four40 Records, Skepsis is certainly one to watch out for.

With a string of upcoming shows, a Foreverland residency and a debut EP on the horizon, 2016 is set to be a big year for Skepsis. So we took it upon ourselves to introduce the man himself to all you loyal Foreverlanders ahead of Saturday’s show. See you down the front!

So, Skepsis! You’re a Foreverland resident now… what’s it like playing Foreverland?

It’s amazing! I feel so blessed to be the second official resident alongside Taim. Honestly Foreverland is always a highlight to play for me, especially in Bournemouth. The crowds are amazing and the whole theme and the venues are always on point.

Apart from Foreverland what else have you been up to in terms of your shows?

I’ve been quite busy this year with gigs luckily, visiting Sheffield, Bristol, Bournemouth, my hometown London, and loads more… Including Bassline Festival in Manchester which was truly an amazing experience to play on such a big stage!

How do you like to execute your sets? Do they change depending on where you are playing?

I usually have a rough idea in my head of what I’m going to play and in what order, as I spend a lot of time preparing for the show, sometimes hours. However each show is different, and I’m always on the hunt for fresh music to put in my sets and mixes. I like to keep my sets exclusive, so mix up lots of unreleased and new tunes with old classics too.

What have you been up to production wise recently?

So far this year I haven’t released anything, although I have a remix forthcoming on Low Pitched Records, and a free download in April with 3000 Bass which should be good. I have also got my debut EP coming out this year, just finalising the details. I can’t say much more at the moment but I can’t wait to share it! It’s on one of my favourite labels too which I’m gassed about. I’ve also been working on a few exclusive tunes which I keep to myself to liven up my sets.

Now let’s go back to the beginning. You’re exploding on the bass scene right now, but when did it all start?

I’d been producing on and off for years, but really decided to take it seriously at the start of 2015 I’d say! Well, that’s when I started consistently putting out tunes and gaining attention. Before that I’d been experimenting with everything, from grime and trap beats to drum and bass! It took me a while to find my feet but I fell into the bass and garage spectrum, inspired by people like My Nu Leng and Chris Lorenzo. From there I just started putting out tunes on a variety of labels and platforms and yeah, it’s just gone from there really.

So, how would you best describe your sound?

Wobbly! Haha. Well I think the sound speaks for itself. Influences of bassline, garage, house, grime and loads more. I just call it UK bass.

What are you trying to achieve when creating your tracks?

I just want people to lose their minds when they hear it in the club. I love going crazy to new tunes and hearing stuff out live, the energy of a wheel up for example is unmatched. More personally I just want to create a sound I’m satisfied with and will be happy to drop at any show.

Who have been your major influences?

As I mentioned before, there’s the obvious ones like My Nu Leng and Chris Lorenzo. More recently, people like Notion and Champion have really been inspiring me to up my levels, as well as Holy Goof who is really raising the bar this year in every aspect.

What would you say are the biggest challenges you’ve faced when creating tracks?

The mixdown! I’m usually fine for creative ideas but often I can’t get anything finished and sounding sonically satisfactory.

What has been your favourite moment in the business so far?

I couldn’t name one. I’m just grateful for every opportunity and show I’m given, people saying they’ve come to see you is a feeling like no other. Ultimate motivation! On a side note, big up Connor if you’re reading this, appreciate the hospitality and everything you’ve done for me at Foreverland.

And finally, it looks like big things for Skepsis this year. What can we expect to see from you in 2016?

Original tunes, remixes, and plenty of live shows! I’m not slowing down in any aspect haha.

Be sure not to miss Foreverland’s first birthday celebration this weekend at The Old Firestation, with sets from the likes of garage guru’s DJ Q and Artful Dodger. You can listen to Skepsis’ lavishly bass infused Foreverland Guestmix here to get you right in the mood… and remember, immaturity is advised!

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